Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Cinema Videography

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Have you planned your wedding for months and months, been looking forward to this day for years, and hoped everything would be just perfect? This includes the videography and recording of the event so that you have lasting memories to cherish.

When it comes to wedding videography, clients have many questions, but they often find answers difficult to come by. Fresh Canadian Content Wedding Cinematography wants to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you plan for your big day. To do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about wedding cinematography and videography.

1. Do wedding videographers work well with photographers?

Certainly! Experienced wedding videographers and photographers know how to work together as a team. Throughout the day, the videographer and photographer will collectively and efficiently have the opportunity to get what they each need. Shots that work for photographs generally work for video, and vice versa.

Beware of photographers who tell you they have never worked with videographers or don’t like working with them. People like that will not be team players and will clash with your other vendors.

2. Do I get any creative say in the final video?

Definitely! Prior to the wedding day, we ask you for your preferences, such as timing, music, and other special requests. You have multiple chances to critique and recommend changes during the editing process. This process is repeated a couple of times until you’re happy.

3. What is your payment structure, and what methods of payment do you accept?

Our payment structure is both unique and easy. 40% at signing reserves the date. The second 40% installment is due about ten to fourteen days prior to your event, along with all your final info. The last 20% is due at the very end after you’ve had the chance to critique and provide feedback on your video. Payment methods are cash, e-transfer, credit card, and some digital currencies.

4. Will I receive a hard copy of the videos?

Yes! Once you’re happy with the videos after the critiquing stage, everything is put onto a custom-boxed USB drive.

5. Do I get a copy of all raw video and audio files?

Yes! Raw video and audio assets are included with all our packages and are usually included on the final custom-boxed USB flash drive along with your edited videos.

6. Do you offer 4K UHD?

All setups include 4K UHD, edited setups include your final edited videos in both HD and 4K UHD, and all streaming setups include the raw video files in 4K.

7. What if our event runs overtime? Can the videographer stay for longer?

Yes! The videographer can easily stay past the time in the package. All you have to do is tell them! All overtime is in hourly increments, and any additional overtime is then added to the final installment, so no additional fees are applicable on the wedding day.

8. If I need a copy of my video in the future, do you keep copies?

You can quickly get copies of your edited videos or raw files up to three years from your event date.

If you have any more questions about cinematography for your wedding, get in touch with the experts at Fresh Canadian Content Wedding Cinematography. Making modern, cinematic wedding films at a fantastic value is how we roll. Our twenty-plus-person strong network of wedding videographers across Ontario and Alberta are totally candid, friendly, and always open to personalizing the perfect setup you’re looking for.

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