Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Videography

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While your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, it also happens to be one of the busiest with several details to take in and cherish. To prevent the best memories of your big day from fading away, it’s essential to record it on film. However, when it comes to availing of wedding videography services, you may have tons of questions but find answers difficult to come by. To provide you with accurate information and help you decide whether you should enlist the services of a wedding videographer, Fresh Canadian Content Wedding Cinematography has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about wedding videography.

1. Will videographers and photographers cooperate?
Yes! Everyone works together as a team. All wedding day vendors have a common goal of making the couple and their families happy. As a result, our videographers piggyback on the photographers by allowing them to run the day. That way, our team can get the required content while minimizing the need to share time or take up any more than necessary.

2. Is wedding videography equipment bulky?
True professionals and modern wedding videographers use equipment that’s no larger than what your photographer will be using. Ironically, wedding videographers that use or boast large equipment generally lack professional skill and creativity.

3. How many videographers will be at the wedding?
Almost all of our setups include a single videographer, and this is usually enough to effectively and creatively capture a wedding day. We do offer a second videographer option, which gives a little more in the way of alternate angles or can easily help if your preparations are at vastly different locations. Having more than two videographers (or even photographers) can be a crowd and detrimental to the final product. Also, having more than two videographers (or photographers) can be a red flag for quality and experience.

4. How long is a full-length edit?
The length of the full video can range from forty-five minutes to over two hours. It really depends on your day’s events and how much is involved. Aspects like your preparations, photoshoot, casual shots of your reception, general dancing, and highlight video are edited down to a song’s length. Elements that can’t be edited down much include your ceremony, speeches, parent dances, and presentations. These aspects are left in almost their entirety and add to the bulk of the video.

5. What is the turnaround time?
We guarantee the video will be online in our private gallery within ninety days from the point we receive everything from our couples. This includes music choices, credits, or anything else integrated into the video.

6. Do I need videography at the wedding?
Not recording their big day is the number one regret couples have after their wedding. Although photography is absolutely important, videography adds facets that photos just aren’t able to. Similarly, the ability to hear the vows and speeches again, chatter between the groom and groomsmen, or see tears during the speeches will bring your memories back to life.

If you have any more questions about wedding videography, get in touch with the experts at Fresh Canadian Content Wedding Cinematography. As the best wedding videographers in Southern and Central Ontario and Alberta, we produce fresh, award-winning wedding videos for clients within a budget as small as $600. We use a unique approach to add modern cinematic effects to our videos. At the same time, we are friendly and supportive of our clients’ suggestions to ensure they receive personalized content.

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