10 Tips to a Great Wedding Reception

You’ve probably heard that weddings pass by quickly. While there’s no doubt that you’ll want to relish every moment of your wedding, there’s a better reason to precisely plan your reception. Turning into some kind of stress-fueled creature (I believe the technical term is “BrideZilla”) on your wedding day isn’t productive or helpful. Yet, stress is exactly what you’ll be battling if your reception isn’t organized.

1. Delegate

Delegation is a skill that few people actually possess, yet everyone can benefit from. Seemingly simple, delegation skills must be honed. Begin by allowing your bridal party to take on various tasks, give your coordinator free range to experiment (retain final decision control), and realize that you can’t and shouldn’t control everything.

2. Music Selection

Everyone has that quintessential “do not play” list. Make your list, hand it to your DJ, and don’t forget to provide your entertainment choice with a list of important songs. Once all of these things have been done, allow the band or DJ that you chose to control the rest of the music.

3. Lounge Time

Your guests will want to sit down, have a few drinks, and relax following your ceremony. You may have hung on every word your preacher said, but your guests will likely be hungry, tired, and ready to relax. Make sure that there’s some kind of lounge area located near or at your chosen venue.

4. Time Lapse

Even though you can’t control and schedule every minute of your wedding, you should take into consideration obvious time lapses. The moments before your ceremony, after your ceremony, and at your reception can be awkward if not organized. Provide for some kind of entertainment or diversion during the lulls - even if it’s just another round of snacks.

5. Respect Event Limits

You’re planning a wedding – not a high school prom. Even though special dances and flower tosses are fun, try not to go overboard with reception events.

6. Make Time For You

Right after you say your “I Do’s,” you’ll want to spend some time with your new lifelong partner. Rushing to take photos or entertain guests isn’t ideal. Schedule thirty minutes to snuggle, laugh, or find a romantic hiding place to steal a few passionate kisses while your marriage is as young as it will ever be.

7. Create Dance Floor Space

Cramming your guests into a small dance square isn’t comfortable for anyone. If your venue doesn’t have a large dance floor, create one. Your guests will want to spend the night dancing, drinking, and having lots of fun! Tear down the head table, move the buffet against the wall or rent a portable dancer floor - do whatever it takes.

8. Avoid a Cash Bar

There are so many bar options and combinations that a cash bar is just not necessary - even if you’re on a budget. Your guests will be spending money to attend your event and on your wedding present – don’t make them purchase drinks as well. Work out a deal with your venue that you can afford, and spare your guests from having to shell out extra cash.

9. Mind Your Budget

Most couples fight about one thing: money. There’s no need to start your marriage off on the wrong foot by spending too much on your wedding day. Set a budget, respect that budget, and avoid going into lots of debt.

10. Relax!

Something will go wrong on your wedding day. Your DJ may not have your song, your mother may show up in white, and your significant other may have a cold. Expecting some things to go wrong will help you relax and enjoy your wedding day. After all, this day was meant for you!

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