Wedding Checklist

Life is simpler when you make a list. Weddings become enjoyable and carefree when you make a concise checklist. Without a checklist, a wedding can turn into a stressful nightmare. Everyone who is involved in your wedding should be assigned a specific task. Making sure that each task has been completed on - time is your duty (unless you’ve hired a wedding planner). Use the following checklist to ensure that your wedding goes off without a hitch.

Best Man Duties

Formal Attire

The best man should schedule a fitting, arrange to pick up all formal wear, and have all tuxedos delivered to groomsmen on - time. Ask your best man to inform you when all of these things have been done.


Double-check to make sure that the best man has an adequate speech prepared. Some best men aren’t sure how to write a proper speech. When this happens, you might want to consider hiring a speech writer or pointing him to a few choice resources on the web.

Wedding Rings

If responsible, the best man should carry all rings at all times. The best man may also pick up rings from a jeweler. Keep in mind that this duty is reserved for a responsible best man. If your best man is not known for responsibility, ask someone else to hold your rings and simply give him the honor of holding them during the ceremony.


Inform the best man that he is the first person and last person guests will see. As such, he should be ready to say hello and goodbye to your guests with style. Acting as an official greeter means that your best man must be in top form at all times.


You may, or may not, want your best man to settle payments with various vendors. You can give each payment to your best man prior to the big day. This way, you won’t have to worry about making all payments on time.

Maid of Honour Duties

Wedding and Brides Maids Dresses

Your maid of honor should arrange fittings, work with brides maids, and pick up all dresses (including wedding dress). If there are any dress problems, a maid of honor should handle these issues.


You may want to make this person responsible for picking up or arranging flower delivery.

Reception Organization

A maid of honor should facilitate all reception events including flower toss, first dance, and any other events you have planned. If you have a wedding coordinator, your maid of honor can work closely with this person to ensure that your personal preferences are upheld.

Bridal Dress and Change

Your maid of honor will be responsible for helping you slip in and out of your wedding dress. The bride will need to have her maid of honor close at all times.

Greet Guests

Working with the best man, your maid of honor will meet and bid adieu to your guests. As with the best man, your maid of honor should be in top form at all times.

Wedding Party Responsibilities

You can ask each member of your wedding party to take on a specific duty. Traditionally, wedding party responsibilities include doing whatever the maid of honor or best man need done. Bridal party participants should be willing to help both the bride and the groom while also taking orders from the best man and maid of honor. Wedding party members should also pay for their own attire, help decorate a venue, and act as hosts and hostesses during ceremony and throughout the reception.

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