Arabic Weddings

Arabic weddings vary widely depending on the nationality of the wedding party. In fact, Arab weddings will even differ from region to region within a country. Furthermore, urban Arabic weddings and rural Arabic weddings also depart from one another in some significant ways. At Fresh Canadian Content Wedding Cinematography, we strive to capture the moments from your Arab wedding ceremony and reception that are most important to you. From our experience working in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa, we’ve seen couple stay very true to Arabic customs as well as incorporating Arab wedding traditions into their own modern wedding celebrations.

While each wedding is different, here’s what we’ve often seen at an Arabic wedding:

Urban Arabic Weddings

Urban Arabic weddings, whether Muslim or Christian, tend to incorporate more influence from tradition Western weddings. One of the most exciting parts of an Arabic wedding is the zaffa - a boisterous procession that announces the couple’s wedding. This spectacle will look amazing in your wedding video, if you choose to include it.

After the zaffa, the wedding couple assumes their seat on the kosha - a dais that comfortably seats the “king and queen” of the wedding celebration. While the bride and groom preside over the wedding celebration, a traditional sharbat drink is passed to the guests, who drink to the health of the wedding couple.

The bride and groom then move the ring from their right hand to the left hand as a symbol of their new status as newlyweds. Then begins the formal entertainment. This usually consists of at least one belly dancer or singer, though larger weddings may have multiple entertainers. Again, this part of the wedding celebration looks great on film.

Afterwards, urban Arabic weddings usually give way to extended entertainment from a DJ. In the meantime, the bride and groom may have a cake cutting ceremony and a bouquet toss. Typically, the meal is served at the end of the night - though dancing may continue after the meal in some cases.

Rural Arabic Weddings

Rural Arabic weddings tend to be more traditional than urban Arabic weddings. These weddings will incorporate fewer Western and/or Christian traditions. The zaffa remains a prominent part of the Arabic wedding celebration in a rural setting, but afterwards, the couple preside over the festivities in a large tent called a sewan. Again, a belly dancer or singer entertains the guests and a traditional Arabic drink is passed among guests.

Whereas urban Arabic weddings often have buffets, rural Arabic weddings will usually be served on huge plates. The customary fare is Fattah, which consists of lamb, rice and bread dipped in stew. The bride and groom will usually leave the wedding early, though the festivities may continue for the rest of the guests.

Your Big Day on Film

Whether your wedding is strictly traditional according to Arabic customs, or simply incorporates some influence from Arabic weddings, we can make sure that we get all of the important moments on film for you. Our professional wedding videographers work well with traditional and ethnic weddings and are sensitive and respectful to all beliefs. Call us for a free quote and consultation for your wedding video at 1.888.222.0359.

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