Christian Weddings

Religion plays a large part in any Christian wedding. Many Christian traditions are simple and straightforward, though all Christian wedding customs are followed closely. Unlike other cultures and religions, Christians don’t place much emphasis on superstition or luck. Instead, importance is placed upon God, the Bible, and purity.

Before the Wedding

It is customary for a bride not to spend the night before her wedding inside of the groom’s home. In fact, many Christian brides do not spend the night before the big day under the same roof as a groom. It is also important that the groom does not see the bride’s wedding dress prior to the wedding day.

Prior to planning the actual wedding ceremony, some Christian couples may be required to meet with a priest for couples counseling. Many Christian couples feel that starting off a marriage by gaining counsel from a priest is the only way to begin a marriage properly. Depending on the denomination, a bride or groom may be required to be baptized by a certain church.

The Wedding Day

There’s nothing ornate or complex about most Christian weddings. It is, however, important that a bride and groom be married inside of a church. Traditional Christian weddings never take place outside, since a church is considered God’s home, and all marriages must be blessed by God. In addition to the location, a bride must wear white.

The colour white symbolizes purity for Christian brides. A bride who does not wear white is not considered a pure bride, though it is possible for a bride who is getting married for a second or third time to wear a different colour. Typically, Christian brides also wear veils.

The Ceremony

Christian weddings are presided over by a priest. Once selected, a priest usually reads lines of scripture from the Bible during the event. A bride is usually given away to her groom by the bride’s father. If a father is not present, a close relative may give a bride away.

Following the exchanging of vows, Christian couples then exchange rings. In most cases, a Christian ceremony is followed by a wedding reception that includes food, cake, music, and some dancing.

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