Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are always celebrated with lots of colour and plenty of festivities. Typically, Indian ceremony details vary according to caste, religion, and culture. Yet, almost all India weddings are preceded by many days of rituals and festivities. Throughout India, marriage is a sacred event based on decades of tradition.

Even though the details of an Indian wedding fluctuate from one wedding to the next, some things remain the same. Nearly every Indian wedding begins with the “Barat,” which marks a couple’s entry into the main wedding reception area. This portion of a wedding is then followed by “The Feast,” which is carefully reviewed by every guest. Finally, guests enjoy the “Games” portion of a wedding that includes a number of post-wedding festivities.


A large portion of any Indian wedding is entertainment. Guests expect to be thoroughly entertained when attending an Indian wedding. Forms of entertainment can include family gatherings that involve a large amount of food, a mendhi ceremony (where a bride is decorated with wedding paint), and various other social events.

Since Indian weddings tend to last for days, many guests will stay in the town where a wedding will be held. Unlike other weddings, Indian wedding guests are expected to stay near the wedding reception hall for up to one week in advance of an actual wedding date. This close proximity allows time for the bride and groom to visit with each guest well before the big day.

Colourful Dress

Many brides around the world wear white wedding dresses. In India, the colour white is associated with mourning and death. That’s why Indian brides are often decked out in lavish gowns of red, gold, blue, and many other colours.

The wedding dresses that Indian brides wear are ornate and filled with all kinds of enviable details. Indian grooms tend to wear colourful outfits too. It is rare to find a bride and groom wearing white during a wedding ceremony in India. Colour is one of the most important aspects of any Indian wedding.

Our Understanding

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