Irish Weddings

As with many other cultures, Irish weddings are steeped in tradition. There are many different Irish traditions that can be traced back to the very beginning of Ireland. Some of these customs are still upheld today, while others have gone by the wayside. Couples seeking to create a true Irish wedding will find a number of fun and unique traditions abound.

Luck and Superstition

Irish people, in general, are very superstitious. Above all else, luck must be present during any Irish wedding celebration. In order to ensure luck, there are a few things that all Irish couples must do. The first is to avoid getting married during a harvest or on a Saturday (both things are considered very unlucky).

It is also important that an Irish bride have some kind of horseshoe with her on her wedding day. Originally, Irish brides carried a real horseshoe (ends up), but modern Irish brides wear horseshoe jewelry or carry miniature horseshoes. Another thing that an Irish bride can do to ensure luck is to carry a simple handkerchief with her. This handkerchief should have three stitches on it, which can then be used to create a bonnet for the couple’s first baby.


Even though Irish weddings are chock-full of food, food isn’t the most important aspect of an Irish wedding. Music takes center stage at an Irish wedding, and music should be upbeat and full of energy. Many Irish couples hire bagpipe players to play songs during a wedding celebration. While people tend to associate bagpipes with Scotland, some say that these instruments originated in Ireland.

Irish wedding guests love to dance, eat, and drink, which is why all of these elements take precedence over venue or other details. Of course, it never hurts to add a few green decorations to an Irish wedding reception hall!

Our Productions

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