Italian Weddings

Italian wedding traditions are steeped in folklore. For centuries, Italian couples have gone through various rites of passage that lead to a happy and serene wedding day. If an Italian couple is traditional, all superstitions and ceremonies must be carried out before, during, and after a wedding. Taking these steps will ensure that a couple lives in happiness forever.

Customary Steps

In some parts of Italy, it is customary for a bride and groom to walk to the wedding chapel on the big day. During this walk, townspeople place various obstacles along the chapel path. The bride is expected to respond to each of these obstacles with grace and ease. The way that a bride handles certain situations will determine whether or not she will make a good wife.

In other parts of Italy, no bride should wear any golden item on her wedding day. Gold is seen as bad luck prior to the exchanging of vows and rings. Often, the jewelry that a bride wears is simple and elegant. Another popular Italian tradition is to shower a newly married couple with small almond candies. These candies (wrapped in taffeta) are meant to bring a bride and groom fertility and luck.

The Importance of Feast

Food is a vital part of Italy. As such, every Italian wedding includes a large feast. This feast often has many different courses, and guests are expected to drink wine and dine into the early morning hours. An Italian wedding that is not accompanied by a large feast can be seen as distasteful.

Once dinner has finished, couples usually slice into a large multi-tiered cake. The newly married couple then enjoys a round of toasts, wine, and the company of friends and family members. Italian weddings can last for many hours, and some weddings do not finish until the next day. Since most Italian weddings take place on a Sunday (Sundays are considered lucky days), many guests do not work the following morning (a wedding is a worthwhile sick day excuse in Italy).

Making Your Day Special

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