Muslim Weddings

The traditions that a Muslim couple follows largely depends on a couple’s culture. Yet, regardless of culture, all Muslim weddings are a sort of contract between a couple and Allah. Muslim weddings tend to have all the elements that many other weddings have including food, music, and celebration.

Religion is an important aspect of any Muslim wedding. Words that are exchanged between a bride and groom are sacred, and all wedding guests expect many words from the Qur’an to be spoken. As with any wedding, Muslim weddings are filled with colour and joy.

Bride and Groom Attire

Muslim brides who live in North American tend to select white wedding gowns. However, Asian Muslim brides typically choose scarlet or deep red outfits. These outfits may include a head covering or veil. In addition, Asian brides tend to go through henna celebrations prior to a wedding day, which results in henna covered hands and feet.

Grooms are usually dressed in traditional suits or in religious clothing. Again, depending on where a groom hails from, clothing may change. Some grooms choose dark suits while other grooms choose brightly coloured suits that may match a bride’s dress.

The Nikah

A Muslim wedding ceremony is called a “Nikah.” During the ceremony, passages from the Qur’an are usually read by an Imam or by wedding guests. This is generally followed by a sermon or speech by the Imam. Typically, a couple is very familiar with an Imam, which enables an Imam to make wedding speeches personal.

Muslim couples must be married in front of two or more people. Often, couples opt for a large wedding ceremony that includes many guests. Following a Muslim wedding ceremony, couples host a large feast for friends and family members. This reception also includes music, entertainment of sorts, and a number of traditional customs.

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