Persian weddings

Persian weddings thrown in the traditional fashion are entertaining, memorable and visually stunning. In our experience shooting ethnic wedding videos, Persian weddings remain one of our favorites. Persian weddings are inflected with deep religious and cultural tradition as well as a refreshing lightheartedness and humor. At Fresh Canadian Content Wedding Cinematography, we’ve experienced Persian weddings that mixed Western and Persian traditions or hearkened back to Iranian traditions with impressive accuracy. No matter which customs you choose to retain in your Persian wedding, we are dedicated to capturing it on film in a way that is artistic, poignant and worth watching over and over again for years to come.

Persian Wedding Ceremonies

The sofre-ye-aghd is one of the most aesthetically appealing and culturally significant aspects of a Persian wedding. The sofre-ye-aghd is a traditional Persiaan wedding spread that consists of an elaborate arrangement across the floor. It includes:

The Seven Herbs, each symbolizing a significant part of the Persian wedding celebration.

The Seven Pastries

The Heavenly Fruits

Persian Rose, a traditional cup of rose-water to perfume the air.

Shake-e-Nabat, a bowl of crystallized sugar.

Mirror of Fate accompanied by two candelabras that symbolize light and fire. The groom first sees his bride without her veil in the reflection of this mirror.

The Blessed Bread, a Persian wedding traditional bread with calligraphy written directly on it.

A brazier of burning coals sprinkled with incense (usually wild rue) called an esphand. This wards off the “evil eye.”

A bowl of gold coins.

The Sacred Text, depending on the religion of the couple. This could be a Qur’an, Avesta, Bible, or Torah.

The ja-ye-namaz, or prayer carpet.

Persian wedding traditions are conducted beneath a silken scarf held over the bride and bridegroom. Sugar is sprinkled over the wedding couple in order to literally shower them with sweetness. Prior the ceremony, a wedding contract is signed, and in very traditional Persian weddings, this contract is reaffirmed during the ceremony.

Exchanging of Vows and Persian Wedding Humor

One of our favorite aspects of a Persian wedding is the humor. For example, the silken scarf is sometimes sewn with a few stitches. This is meant to symbolize the sewing of a mother-in-law’s tongue, so she cannot say anything negative or unholy to her new daughter-in-law after she is wed.

The tradition for humor continues while the officiant asks the couple if they will consent to be married. The question is first asked to the groom, who will eagerly agree. Afterward, the bride is then posed the question. It is customary for the bride to stage reluctance at this point, refusing to answer. To break the tension, a relative will call out something humorous, explaining the bride’s absence. The officiant will ask the question a total of three times before the bride consents to being married, with the permission of her parents and grandparents.

Persian Wedding Reception

Traditional Persian after-parties are not usually as elaborate as Western wedding receptions. The first dance and first kiss are held during the ceremony. After the wedding ceremony, the bride is adorned in floral ornaments. The bride and groom then accept wedding gifts. The food and drink is usually lighter than a formal sitdown meal, though there is dancing and socializing.

Booking a Videographer for Your Persian Wedding

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