Traditional Weddings

While we can appreciate the trend towards highly personalized, and often unconventional wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions, there’s a special place in our heart reserved for traditional weddings. At Fresh Canadian Content Wedding Cinematography, our experience has shown us that even weddings that follow tradition and customs to the T are still infused with a personality and joy that is unique to the couple celebrating a marriage. When you call to book your wedding video shoot date, please let us know if you’ll be conducting a traditional wedding or a wedding that incorporates certain customs. Our goal is to capture the moments that are most important for you and your family to remember and treasure for decades to come. We can pair you with a wedding videographer from our team that is familiar with the ethnic, cultural or family traditions that will be incorporated into your wedding ceremony or wedding reception. This familiarity helps produce a wedding video that more accurately recreates your big day.

Traditional Wedding Venues A Western traditional wedding usually means a ceremony held inside a church. While gorgeous and breathtaking in person, churches can sometimes be challenging for wedding videographers and photography artists, due to the lighting, limitations on flashes and other equipment and the layout of the church. For traditional weddings in churches, we do our best to work with you, the officiate and the church administrator in order to set up the best shots and capture the most critical moments in your wedding ceremony. Our goal is to be unobtrusive and respectful, while still capturing the details that are important for you to remember for a lifetime.

Ethnic and Cultural Weddings

Whether you’re a first generation or fifth generation immigrant, the wedding traditions observed by your parents, grandparents and ancestors can infuse deep meaning and significance into your own wedding ceremony. As active wedding video professionals working throughout urban areas in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa, we’ve shot numerous weddings that draw upon cultural customs and ethnic traditions. We make sure that we get all of the important ceremonies, rituals and traditions on tape by coordinating with you or a wedding planner. Whether you’re having an Irish wedding, an Indian wedding, a Chinese wedding, an Arabic wedding or any other type of wedding, we’ll be ready.

Traditional Wedding Receptions

Wedding reception events range from religious customs to long-running family or regional traditions. Wedding receptions typically revolve around entertainment, such as music and dance, but can also include traditions such as a dollar dance, a garter or bouquet toss, the first dance, introductions to the room, send-offs, father/daughter dances, mother/son dances, best man’s toast, cake cutting and the last dance. By letting us know which traditional wedding reception events you’ll be including, we can assure that our wedding videographer stays long enough to get it all on film so you can relive it over and over for years to come.

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Fresh Canadian Content Wedding Cinematography is a versatile and professional wedding video company. We can adapt our services, pricing and wedding day crew to your needs and budget. Whether you’re throwing a traditional wedding or a modern wedding, we’ll make sure that you have a professionally-produced keepsake that captures all of the little moments you missed and all the big moments you never want to forget. Call 1.888.222.0359 for a free quote.

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